The 200 year old folk house with thatched roof we renovated and used to be a guesthouse reopened as a whole house rental Igusa.

The house has 3 bed rooms with A/C, a living room (you can turn it to a bed room too), a kitchen-dining room and a toilet and a shower room.

Only one group is accepted to stay each day.

You can experience a authentic Japanese life style at a Japanese traditional house

address1257 Hayashima, Hayashima-cho Tsukubo-gun, Okayama, 701-0304, Japan
reception hours8:00~11:30, 16:00~20:00
phone number086-454-8610


accommodation fee

The whole house rental

number of peopleWeekdaysFri., Sat. and the day before holidays
2\16,000 (¥8,000/person)\20,000 (10,000/person)
3\21,000 (¥7,000/person)\24,000 (8,000/person)
4\24,000 (¥6,000/person)\28,000 (7,000/person)
5\25,000 (¥5,000/person)\30,000 (6,000/person)
6\27,000 (¥4,500/person)\33,000 (5,500/person)
7\31,500 (¥4,500/person)\35,000 (5,000/person)
8\36,000 (¥4,500/person)\40,000 (5,000/person)
9\40,500 (¥4,500/person)\45,000 (5,000/person)
10\45,000 (¥4,500/person)\50,000 (5,000/person)
11\49,500 (¥4,500/person)\55,000 (5,000/person)
12\54,000 (¥4,500/person)\60,000 (5,000/person)
  • 2~6 night deal 5% off、7 night deal¥10% off
  • children under 6 year old using existing bed are free for charge (up to 1/2 of the number of the adults)
  • AC and Heating cost (200 yen/per person/per night) is required in addition to the rates during 1 Jul to 31 Sep and 1 Nov to 15 Apr.


  • Although there is no curfew after check-in, we deeply appreciate for your corporation to soften your voice after 22:00 hrs because the old structure is easy to make noise.






bed rooms


Kitchen(fridge・microwave・toaster・T-fal・dishes, etc)

Seasonning(salt&peper・salt・suger・soy sauce・cooking oil)

toilet/shower room

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Body soap and Hair dryer are provided ※Washing machine is no longer available  


thatched roof


  • One set of bedding including a bed sheet is provided.Please make the bed by yourself.
  • The entire facility strictly prohibits smoking. Smoking is only allowed in a designated area in the premise.
  • We will take NO responsibilities in any stolen or lost items, or troubles.
  • The house is located along a bit noisy road. So people who prefer the truly quiet hotel ,we would not recommend to stay here.

extra charge

towel for hireL/¥100

free for charge

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Body soap and Hair dryer
Kitchen (fridge・microwave・toaster・T-fal・dishes, etc)