By Train/Walk ( from Hayashima Sta. to Guesthouse→

  • JR Okayama sta. – JR Marine Liner or JR Uno Line – Get off at Hayashima sta (app. 10~15min))
  • About 5 min walk from Hayashima Sta. Enter from the bridge on the east side of our property.

By Car/Bike

  • No Car and Bike parking. Check the access map and use coin-operated parking near Hayashima Sta.
    Our hostel is in a residential area and the roads are very narrow so parking or pulling off the car to unload your luggage is prohibited. Please go to the parking lot before check-in.

Coin operating car parking lots and Bike parking lot near the Guesthouse

・Daily parking Hayashima 3 /
(3 min walk、¥300/24h)
・Daily parking Hayashima /
(5 min walk、¥300/24h)
・Hayashima Choei Daini Ekimae Parking Lot / 早島町営第二駅前駐車場
(5 min walk、¥500/24h)

・Hayashimaekinishi Bicycle/
 (6 min walk、Free)

Our neighborhood

<The shop within a walking distance>

  • Take Sushi(11:30~13:00/16:30~19:00  closed on Wed)
  • Nikaku Okonomiyaki (11:30~21:00  closed on Wed and Thu)
  • Fish store
  • ●Bakery MOMO(10:00~18:00)
  • ●Super Market(9:00~22:00)
  • ●Convenience store  LAWSON/Family Market
  • ●Bottle shop Japanese sake / wine (9:00~19:00 closed on Sun)
  • Japanese sweets shop (9:00~19:00)

Hayashima town