By Train/Walk ( from Hayashima Sta. to whole house rental Igusa→

  • JR Okayama sta. – JR Marine Liner or JR Uno Line – Get off at Hayashima sta (app. 10~15min))
  • About 10 min walk from Hayashima Sta.

By Car/Bike

  • No Car and Bike parking. Check the access map and use coin-operated parking near Hayashima Sta. The house is in a residential area and the road in front of the house is very busy so parking or pulling off the car to unload your luggage is prohibited. Please go to the parking lot before check-in.

Coin operating car parking lots and Bike parking lot near the Whole House Rental Igusa

Daily parking Hayashima 2 / デイリーパーキング早島第2(7 min walk、¥300/24h)
・Hayashima Choei Daiichi Ekimae Parking Lot / 早島町営第一駅前駐車場
(8 min walk、¥500/24h)
Daily parking Hayashima /デイリーパーキング早島(7 min walk、¥300/24h)
 ・Hayashimaekinishi Bicycle/
 (8 min walk、Free)

Our neighborhood

<The shop within a walking distance>

Take Sushi(11:30~13:00/16:30~19:00  closed on Wed)

Nikaku Okonomiyaki (11:30~21:00  closed on Wed and Thu)

Fish store

●Bakery MOMO(10:00~18:00)

●Super Market(9:00~22:00)

●Convenience store  LAWSON/Family Market

●Bottle shop Japanese sake / wine (9:00~19:00 closed on Sun)

Japanese sweets shop (9:00~19:00)

Hayashima town