This guest house was renovated old houses at Hayashima-Town in Okayama Pref.


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Sightseeing spots that can be reached within an hour


The Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter/Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki

The Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter is a symbolic area of Kurashiki, where one can sense a taste of the Edo Period. The Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki is a large outlet mall that has many brand-name stores.

Korakuen/Okayama Castle

Korakuen is one of the three great gardens of Japan. The black Okayama Castle, beautifully reflected in the water, is a cultural asset that Okayama Pref. boasts to the world.


Nao-shima is a picturesque island in the Seto-naikai sea.
  • 豊島


    Te-shima is an island in the Seto-naikai sea, famous for its scenery, food and art.
  • 犬島


    Inu-Jima is an island that has a unique art museum renovated from the remains of a copper refinery, a fusion of industrial heritage and contemporary art.
  • 小豆島


    Shodo-shima is an island that became known all over Japan through a novel “Twenty-Four Eyes”. Its olive production is top in Japan. It is also famous for its art and seafood.
  • 鷲羽山


    Mt. Washu (Washu-zan) is a scenic area known as the first national park in Japan. It is designated as one of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Sunsets.
  • 児島ジーンズストリート

    Kojima Jeans Street

    This is the birthplace of Japanese jeans.
  • 総社市吉備路

    Sun Road KIBIJI in Soja City

    The Sun Road KIBIJI is the center of the ancient Kibi Kingdom. There are tourist attractions such as ancient tombs and other historic sites. Famous for cycling courses.
  • 渋川

    Tamano City Shibukawa Beach/Shibukawa Zoo/Shibukawa Aquarium

    The Shibukawa Beach, a beach of white sand popular for marine sports, was chosen as one of Japan’s 100 Best Beaches. One can meet monkeys and other animals while taking a walk in Shibukawa Zoo, a nature theme park.
  • 渋川動物公園

    Shibukawa Zoo

    It takes 25 min to go to the zoo by taxi from JR Kago-shima Sta..
  • 池田動物園

    Ikeda Zoo

    Ikeda Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Okayama Pref..
  • 早島町歴史民俗資料館

    Hayashima-cho Museum of History and Folklore

    Rush production is a traditional industry of Hayashima-cho. Many tools, machines and other materials are displayed at the museum. One can learn the history of rush industry as well as the process of making rush products.
  • その他商業施設

    Other nearby facilities

    There are convenience store, post office, public bath and other facilites near our inn.