This guest house was renovated old houses at Hayashima-Town in Okayama Pref.


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We moved to a new location on the 1st of January 2017.
Okayama Hostel Igusa used be a Minshuku (Japanese traditional Hotel) with beautiful Japanese garden and we renovated it to a guesthouse.
The hostel is Located in beautiful countryside with great access to cities. Igusa Hostel is only 5 min walk from JR Hayashima Station, which is 11 min by train from JR Okayama Sta. where Shinkansen trains stop. We offer 2 2-bed Japanese style private rooms and 5 bed (3 futon beds and 1 bunk bed) male and female dormitory rooms feature tatami (woven-straw) flooring with free wifi.

Hayashima town has been said to be a major production district of rush grass for “tatami mats” for over 400 years.
The rush grass – IGUSA – is used for the surface of “tatami mats”, thus called “tatami omote”. (OMOTE means ‘front’ or ‘surface’).

With highest quality and largest production volume, “Hayashima omote” once represented “tatami omote” in Japan.
Hayashima town has developed other business fields centering on IGUSA.
This town used to be a cross-point for many merchants in and out side of Okayama prefecture and grew as a centric information network.

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